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Ever increasingly recognized as members of the family, our pets provide us with laughter, joy and unconditional love. While many animals have shorter lifespans than do humans, we undertake estate planning because we do not know what life will bring. Assuming that our pet will outlive us puts them in a very vulnerable position.

Thinking about what could happen to your pet if you die or become incapacitated is difficult but appropriate planning can ensure that your pet's future is secure.

Issues to consider include:

  • Caretakers: who will care for the pet if you are unable?
  • Funds: how much will it cost for your pet to enjoy the same care that you provide for the remainder of the pet's life and which assets or vehicles will finance this care?
  • Trustees: who will be in charge of managing and distributing funds for your pet's care?
  • Other beneficiaries: who will receive any assets remaining when your pet has passed away?

At Varnum, we can guide you through the steps of planning for your pet's future, providing you with peace of mind in knowing that your pet is protected.

For more information, please contact your Varnum attorney or Rebecca Wrock at 734/372-2914 or

If you are interested in a presentation on pet trusts or pet planning for your group, please send an email to

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