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Law360: Law Firm Leaders - Varnum's Ronald DeWaard

December 3, 2019

Ron DeWaard was profiled in Law360's Law Firm Leaders feature, published November 27, 2019. In the interview, Ron discusses the firm’s growth, what makes Varnum a unique firm and his philosophy on being a well-rounded lawyer.

What have your law firm’s goals for growth been in recent years and how have you gone about achieving those goals?

We were geographically situated for the most part in West Michigan from when the firm developed many years ago. We saw a fragmented Michigan market where you saw east side firms trying to be in West Michigan with limited success, but not really too many West Michigan firms going to the east side. So we decided we would become Michigan’s firm and work across that geography. And that’s what we did. We opened a Novi office, a downtown Detroit office, an Ann Arbor office, a Birmingham office. The way we went about doing it is by getting more clients over there to serve and by attracting talent.

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