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Model Cell Tower Leases

Varnum offers model cell tower and wireless internet antenna leases to assist property owners (businesses, developers, churches, individuals, cities, counties and schools) and their attorneys.

These are generalized versions of actual leases and contain provisions which often effectively double or triple the rent the property owner receives and  better protect the property owner against various risks which are poorly addressed (if at all) in standard industry leases, including protecting the property owner if the provider files for bankruptcy.

The leases are in standard industry format but are drafted to protect the property owner, as opposed to leases drafted by the cellular industry obviously protecting the provider.

The model leases ($275 each or the set for $475) come in two versions:

  • New tower to be built on vacant land
  • Installation of antenna to be placed on an existing building, water tower or other structure

How to order: To place an order, simply fill out the online order form.

Why two versions? There are significant differences between putting a cellular or wireless internet antenna on a building (or water tower or other structure) and  installing a tower on vacant land. Therefore, two separate lease forms are necessary. For example, a structure actually has two parcels of land being leased (one beside the structure for equipment and one on the roof for the antenna). Installation of the antenna should not limit the owner’s ability to use, expand, repair and maintain the structure. In addition, an occupied structure should be checked periodically to ensure that RF emissions from the antenna do not exceed FCC limits.

Need more information? The memo accompanying the order form contains instructions on how to use the model lease. It provides a good summary of key provisions of the lease along with useful comments and information.

Not Legal Advice: The leases, memos and other materials do not constitute legal advice. Your request for materials and our provision of the materials do not create an attorney-client relationship. You should consult your attorney to assure that a model lease complies with applicable law and meets your needs.

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