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Laterals: In Their Own Words

A positive environment, work/life balance, respect, collegiality, the ability to excel: hear Varnum attorneys tell why they believe Varnum is a great place to work and grow.


Matt Bower – Emerging Companies
Joined Varnum 2013

Coming from a small firm, I had the idea that we could service anybody; we were just like the big guys, we could take care of any client. But, since joining Varnum, and having these resources at my fingertips, I can tell you a small firm is just not the same. My practice has almost doubled in the three years that I've been with Varnum. And more importantly, I'm better able to take care of my clients. I joined Varnum because I was looking for resources. I wanted a platform where I could grow my business, and Varnum has provided that platform.

Julia Perkins – Family Law
Joined Varnum 2016

When people ask me why I wanted to come to Varnum after practicing family law in this area for almost 20 years, I told them Varnum wanted to grow this practice, and that was attractive to me. They understand it can be a profitable practice, and they give me as much room as I want in order to do it. If you want to grow a practice, if you want to grow, if you want to do something a little bit different that's not necessarily what a typical law firm would do, Varnum will consider it and give you the opportunity.


Rich Hewlett – Business Litigation and Construction Law/Litigation
Joined Varnum 2010

What I found most amazing about my transition to this firm was that even in my early years here, my client business was on a significant upward trend. I really attribute that to the teamwork, the unselfish environment here, the partners that want to help other partners. As I look back on my five and a half years here now, that's really indicative of the kind of culture that this firm has, an overall environment that supports not only the people in the firm but also supports and provides exceptional work to the clients of the firm.

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