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NASDA Supports National Uniform Labeling Policy for Genetically Modified Foods

March 2, 2015
Agriculture Blog Post

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) passed a resolution to support a national uniform labeling policy for genetically modified foods (GMO). The purpose of this resolution is to have a uniform labeling policy in the United States for foods derived from genetic engineering.Currently, states such as Connecticut and Vermont have passed their own labeling laws. State-by-state labeling standards may cause problems. A national standard is intended to resolve the problems caused by differing state regulations.

The NASDA resolution does not specifically support Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo’s bill, which would limit food labeling of GMO ingredients to only those that the Food and Drug Administration finds to be a food safety problem.

The NASDA is made up of agriculture commissioners and directors of the 50 states and US territories.

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