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June Cleaver: Trial Consultant – The Importance of Following Litigation Rules

June 3, 2014
Michigan Business Law Journal

Originally published in the Michigan Business Law Journal

On October 1, 1960, having finished their Saturday night dinners, Americans gathered in front of their television sets to watch the season premiere of Leave it to Beaver. The Beav’s misadventure this time was refusing to eat his Brussels sprouts. “Gee, mom, my stomach is filled up to my throat,” he said.

Eight lonely sprouts remained. While Ward and Wally talked about football, Beaver started slipping the slimy buds into his shirt pocket. June discovered the scheme (no surprise) and warned Beaver he was not allowed to leave the table until he had eaten all his vegetables.

The rules governing the litigation process are a lot like Brussels sprouts. Lawyers want to shove them into their shirt pockets; it is all the better if a court rule can be avoided with some sleight of hand.

Read the article in its entirety: June Cleaver: Trial Consultant

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