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Social Security Claims


If you are injured or develop an illness that renders you unable to return to work, you may need to apply for social security benefits.

Before applying for any type of social security benefit, the first consideration should be whether to hire an attorney. Too often, a person decides against hiring an attorney until after they are denied benefits and then must wait years while appealing the initial denial of the application. Even worse, some people have to start the application process all over because they missed important deadlines or a critical step in the process. 

There are additional reasons to having an attorney involved. If your disability is the result of an injury, there may be a basis for an additional legal claim that could provide you with a more substantial recovery than what social security provides.

Varnum attorneys are both experienced and skilled with handling all aspects and phases of social security claims. Should you be faced with the difficult decision of having to file a social security claim, whether it be because of injury or illness, please contact us so we can help you maximize your chances of obtaining a successful claim.

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