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Product Liability and Warranty Defense


Varnum’s product liability attorneys believe that there are innovative, cost-effective answers to the questions manufacturers facesolutions that result from taking a business approach to defending a company’s product liability claims. We believe great client service is not simply represented by our courtroom skills. It is a combination of experience, innovation, good management and working in partnership with our clients. Perhaps most important is working with clients to promote the success of the client’s products in the marketplace. We work with clients to identify and help implement product “risk solutions,” which prevent product liability and warranty risks before they occur. The company’s mission statement and approach to business should be at the core of a company’s product risk management program and should reflect joint decisions with the client as to how the defense will be structured.

As product liability lawsuits continue to make headlines, Varnum offers answers to companies questioning such options as:

  • What steps can the company take to identify and prevent product risks before they occur?
  • Can the company’s business practices reduce its legal costs and enhance the company’s place in the market?
  • When problems arise, can risk prevention and loss reduction steps still be helpful?
  • Can the defense of the company’s products positively reflect the products?
  • Can product-related legal costs be reduced by early intervention and planning?

Providing Value Through The Right Partnership

No one knows your products and business better than you. Therefore, it's important to develop a legal partnership that includes key people from your business and legal specialists who can address the complexities of the company’s products and legal claims that may arise. This partnership is critical to:

  • Identifying product solutions early on to promote the success of the company’s products
  • Identifying the issues that will make a difference in the case when a claim arises
  • Knowing your products and business
  • Creating and following a risk management and loss prevention program that can most effectively contribute to the success of  your business

The partnership between the company and its legal team should be permanenta relationship based on a knowledge of the products and the company’s business philosophy and practices.

Providing Value Through Experience and Innovation

The legal team must thoroughly understand all aspects of the product: what it is, how it was developed, how it evolved and how it is made. They must understand the design and manufacturing process, outside standards, testing requirements and any industry standards or governmental regulations. Product and company knowledge is at the heart of our relationship with our manufacturing clients. Varnum lawyers have years of industry experience and work with outside experts in product design and manufacturing. Our attorneys also participate in industry risk management groups. We work closely with our clients to research, understand and address the technical and legal issues involved in responding to product liability claims.

At Varnum, we understand that the best product defense starts well before the product goes to market and continues through the defense of product-related claims at trial. Overall, the success of the legal relationship must be focused on promoting the company’s business success.

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