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PFAS Water Contamination in Northern Kent County


Residents in areas of northern Kent County have recently been made aware of groundwater and well contamination by industrial chemicals allegedly leaching from a former licensed facility used for many years to dispose of leather treatment waste products.

The chemicals include a variety of compounds known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which have been linked to certain cancers and other diseases. Many homes in the area are testing at levels much higher than EPA health advisory levels.

Although a number of sites in Plainfield Township and the Belmont area are being investigated, the highest concentration of known contamination currently is in the area of a former dump site at 1855 House Street NE, owned by Wolverine World Wide, Inc. For many years, Wolverine used the site to dispose of sludge and other waste products associated with leather processing. These waste products included PFAS compounds which were a key ingredient in Scotchgard, used for many years as a waterproofing agent.

Varnum has been retained to represent the interests of many homeowners who are impacted by the contamination. Among other things, Varnum is working to ensure our clients have clean, safe drinking water. Varnum is also addressing the property value losses associated with the contamination, and determining whether certain individuals’ health issues are related to these contaminants and if they are, ensuring that their rights are protected.

Our goal is to ensure that effective remedial options are pursued immediately, including the expeditious cleanup of these contaminants, restoration of the environment, and restoring the community’s confidence in their water source.

What should you do?

If you believe your home may be affected by this contamination and have questions about your legal options, please contact a member of the PFAS team at or call 616/336-6117.

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