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Mining, Mineral Development and Mineral Exploration


Varnum attorneys have worked on mine and mineral development and exploration throughout the United States. We are experienced with environmental permitting and review issues at federal, state and local levels, and have handled a broad range of other legal matters, including: 

  • Exploration and mine development access issues
  • Due diligence for documentation and management of historical contamination
  • Land use and other local permits
  • State permits and authorizations for air emissions, wastewater discharges, development affecting wetlands, facility siting, stormwater discharges and waste disposal
  • Mine permitting for metals, coal and non-metallic minerals development
  • Environmental permitting for ancillary facilities and processes, including underground injection control
  • Reviews and assessments for implementing federal and state environmental impact investigation and analysis requirements (e.g., National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and parallel state requirements)
  • Natural resources damages and citizens’ suits defense 

For more information, please contact either your Varnum attorney, or Matt Eugster at 616/336-6821 or

Mining Development and Exploration

In addition to our regulatory experience, we have experience in other areas related to mining development and exploration, including: 

  • Power and fuel contracting and sales matters
  • Labor and employment law issues
  • Real estate, zoning/land use and tax aspects
  • Native American lands matters
  • Public relations and community relations communications
  • Economic development assistance and tax abatement matters
  • Construction contracts and agreements
  • Legislative and policy analysis
  • Health and safety regulatory matters
  • Oil and gas regulatory matters

Sand, Gravel, Limestone

Our representation in sand, gravel and limestone mining cases includes:

  • Obtaining zoning and regulatory approvals for mining operations
  • Successful resolution of intervenor challenges to zoning and regulatory approvals
  • Litigation of constitutional takings and due process claims related to zoning and regulatory matters
  • Litigation of hauling issues

We work with a range of experts concerning particulate control, traffic, land use planning and impact of mining operations on surrounding properties.

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