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Michigan Property Tax Services and Appeals


Nationally, property taxes result in the same amount of revenue as state and federal income taxes combined. Yet while most taxpayers understand how their income tax will be calculated, the calculation of property taxes is often not as clear. In addition, many assessor decisions are subjective, and frequently, assessors have no access to important information that can affect a property's value. Mistakes are made. In Michigan, these mistakes can result in excessive taxes unless they are appealed in a timely manner.

Varnum's Property Tax Services and Appeals Team understands from firsthand experience the process of Michigan property assessment and appeals. Our property tax team includes an assessor and former counsel to the Michigan Department of Treasury, as well as accountants and experienced attorneys. We are experienced in litigation cases from residential subdivisions to large commercial and industrial properties.

For more information, please contact either your Varnum attorney, or Deborah Ondersma at 616/336-6561 or

Property Tax Assessment Review

Our property tax service begins with a review of your assessment. If we believe your property is over-assessed, we can recommend whether planning opportunities exist to claim exemptions or tax incentives. Most of our fees are contingent on the amount of tax savings that we are able to recover (by Michigan law, clients are responsible for costs).

The Varnum Property Tax Services and Appeals Team maintains a respect for the role of assessors. We believe that most property tax disputes between taxpayers and governments can be resolved quickly and amicably, and we look forward to assisting you.

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