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Varnum's Family Law Team serves clients in virtually every county in Michigan. We strive early on in a matter to work amicably with the other side for purposes of securing a fair and equitable settlement, without the necessity of trial. Varnum has proven results in negotiating settlement agreements that are beneficial to our clients. In the event that a settlement agreement cannot be reached, however, our clients can count on having lawyers who are not only well-versed and comfortable in the courtroom, but also passionate for their cause. Varnum's family law attorneys have extensive trial experience and have achieved successful outcomes for our clients.*

Varnum's Family Law Team also has significant experience in filing appeals with the Michigan Court of Appeals. We have argued appeals before Michigan Court of Appeals judges in Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids. Most importantly, Varnum family law lawyers have a strong record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients at the appellate level.

For more information, please contact either your Varnum attorney, or Mark Hills at 616/846-0687 or

*Statements about past results do not assure similar outcomes in any other matter. 

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