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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Hidden Access Fee Recovery


When the U.S. Supreme Court announced in 2014 that it would not review a $6 million federal court judgment obtained by Varnum against Michigan's largest health insurer, it opened the door for hundreds of other Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan customers to recoup millions of dollars in hidden fees that were secretly added to their health care claims.

Varnum has now represented more than 100 Michigan companies in BCBSM matters. The claims are significant. Although each claim varies depending on the number of employees covered by the health plan and the length of time using BCBSM for claims administration, the average claim is over $1 million. Even small companies can have hidden fee claims worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If your company was a self-funded customer of BCBSM at any time since 1994, it is very likely that you also have a hidden access fee claim.

Why Choose Varnum?

No other law firm comes close to matching Varnum's experience in this area. Varnum filed the original case, won at trial, and sustained that win through an exhaustive appellate process. The original case is the precedent for every claim that has followed. Since 2011, we have filed over 100 cases, and every case has been successfully resolved or otherwise remains pending.

We've won at trial, attained more than a dozen summary judgments, and defeated every motion to dismiss. We have argued these cases in front of 20 of the 24 judges in the Eastern District of Michigan—the jurisdiction for BCBSM matters—and we are known among the judiciary as the firm that handles these cases.

Because of the sheer volume of cases we've handled, we also know the value of each case and, unlike smaller firms, we can't be "slow played" and forced to settle for less than fair value.

Varnum has represented companies ranging from 50 employees to more than a thousand employees in these hidden fees matters. Our clients represent a variety of industries, from food processing and hospitality to Tier 1 automotive suppliers and furniture manufacturers. We have also represented colleges, retailers, professional services organizations and others.

We can easily help you determine if you have a claim and the potential value of that claim. We also offer a free initial consultation and your company pays no legal fees unless there is a recovery.

For more information, please contact your Varnum attorney, Aaron Phelps at 616/336-6257 or, or Perrin Rynders at 616/336-6734 or

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