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Alternate Dispute Resolution


Varnum resolution facilitators have the experience, training and certification to be qualified mediators and arbitrators. We are active participants in the resolution process and guide disputing parties through discussions and brainstorming sessions to help them find the best results. We challenge parties to look beyond their own positions on the disputed issues and toward their individual desired outcomes. Where those outcomes meet, there is room for successful negotiation and compromise. Varnum resolution facilitators are veteran attorneys with years of experience in various areas of law, primarily for corporate clients. Several Varnum attorneys are certified mediators and others are available to act as arbitrators. They all bring a high level of understanding of business disputes and a wealth of knowledge and resources about applicable laws and legal precedent.

Over the years, our resolution facilitators have handled mediations, appeared on arbitration panels and acted as sole arbitrators for disputes across the country. They have coached numerous clients through the mediation process and have seen from all sides what makes mediation successful or unsuccessful. Each neutral has a different way of approaching the mediation process while retaining the basic theories of successful negotiation. Varnum's dispute resolution offers you, your clients, your company, and your employees access to thoughtful, confidential, expedient, fair and cost-effective alternatives to litigation.

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