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Sports and Entertainment


Varnum's sports and entertainment team has one purpose: using our knowledge to advance the hopes, dreams and financial objectives of athletes, filmmakers, actors, performers, models, artists, musicians and other entities dedicated to the sports and entertainment world.

From professional athletes at the top of their sport to new local artists, our clients benefit from Varnum's array of specialty practice areas, including:

  • Corporate
  • Franchise
  • Copyright/trademark issues
  • Film tax credits
  • Estate planning
  • Immigration
  • Local and state regulations
  • Finance
  • Endorsements
  • Contracts

If you have a need that is better served by another professional, we'll let you know and help you get the advice you require. We're not in New York or L.A., but some of this country's greatest talent comes to West Michigan for our advice. We like to think it's because they trust our experience and commitment to their success.

For more information, please contact either your Varnum attorney, or Steve Afendoulis at 616/336-6732 or

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