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The reality of today's automotive parts supply industry is that the rules of business are changing on a daily basis. What worked for suppliers yesterday may not work tomorrow. Staying on top of the latest industry practices and developments has never been more important.

Varnum's automotive industry practice can help suppliers stay aggressive in today's market. Working with dozens of auto industry parts suppliers of all sizes, we are well acquainted with the changes and challenges in the industry.

What Can Varnum's Automotive Law Attorneys Do for You?

We have been representing automotive parts suppliers since Henry Ford began assembling automobiles. And one of the most important things we do is stay current with the ever-changing conditions and business practices in the automotive industry and how they affect you. For example, recent industry-standard purchasing terms can work against suppliers. Without a careful review of the contract language offered by your customer, you could potentially lose the rights to valuable property or the ability to collect for up-front expenditures such as tooling or research. When it comes to contract language, we have the experience to help ensure your protection.

Likewise, we can make certain that you are getting maximum value from your own vendors by helping you develop purchase order terms and conditions and showing you specific procedures for using those terms in your purchasing transactions. A review of your existing purchase, sales documents and procedures could impact your company's profitability.

Our industry awareness also benefits you in our knowledge of compliance requirements of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. We can help you navigate the complex requirements of the TREAD Act. From early warning reporting requirements to equipment defect notification, we can show you how to satisfy the requirements of NHTSA regulation.

Our Automotive Industry Attorneys

The automotive industry attorneys at Varnum have experience in sophisticated areas of the law and are supported by Varnum's entire staff of attorneys. This full service approach provides you with the kind of in-depth experience on a range of issues that few other firms can match. From contract analysis to human resource and immigration issues, from acquisitions and joint ventures to international law and environmental compliance, we can provide the experience you need to stay competitive in today'sand tomorrow'sbusiness world.


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