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Webinar: New FCC Case Mandating Approval of Tower Expansions

February 26, 2020
Cell Tower Advisory

On March 3, Varnum attorney John Pestle will present a webinar on the current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proceeding to greatly expand the 2014 FCC rule mandating state and local government approval of expansions of cell towers, radio/TV towers and other communications towers -- and prevent them from disapproving such expansions.

Among many other things, the FCC is being asked to weaken/preempt compliance with health and safety-related codes and requirements; increase the size of expansions which must be approved; and ignore camouflaging requirements. We will describe some of the major requests to the FCC, municipal responses, what municipalities can do now at the FCC to oppose the requests, and possible municipal responses if the requests are granted.

The webinar should be of interest to municipalities, states and all their political subdivisions (such as schools, state universities, special districts and authorities) and their attorneys, as well as to landowners concerned about expansions of cell towers located on their property or on nearby properties.

The webinar is sponsored by the International Municipal Lawyers Association. For more information on the webinar and to register, visit and select March 3.

John Pestle has more than twenty years of experience working for municipalities and other landowners on cell towers. His co-presenter for the webinar will be Jonathan Kramer, attorney and founder of Telecom Law Firm.

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