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Webinar: FCC 5G Order on Small Cell Towers and Zoning

August 13, 2019
Cell Tower Advisory

Cell tower dataMajor new FCC rules took effect this year to speed 5G cell service deployment. They significantly affect small cell antennas in the streets and rights of way, leases for cell towers on municipal property generally, shot clocks, and fees municipalities can charge for cell tower zoning and permitting. The rules cover all cell sites nationwide (not just 5G) by preempting state and local laws and practices which the FCC views as hindering cellular deployment.

In response, Varnum cell tower attorney John Pestle has teamed up with Lorman Seminars to offer a 90-minute live webinar which describes 5G service, the new rules, the current Ninth Circuit Court challenge to them and gives practical advice on what municipalities should do in response. The webinar, The FCC 5G Order on Small Cell Towers and Zoning, is being offered live on August 28, with an option to purchase a recording of the seminar for later listening. The following link can be used to register, automatically saving registrants 50 percent of the standard pricing:

Briefly, under the new FCC rules:

  1. All government approvals needed to start construction of a small cell site in the streets must be granted within the applicable shot clock (60, 90, 150 days).
  2. The 90-day shot clock applies to putting antennas on any existing structure, even if it has no antennas now. Until now, it meant adding an antenna to a cell tower.
  3. There is generally a $500 cap on all fees needed to start construction of small cell sites located in the rights-of-way. The $500 cap also applies to municipal cell sites generally, not just to those in the rights-of-way.
  4. There is a new 60-day shot clock (90 days for new poles) to act on applications to attach antennas to traffic lights, light poles or utility poles. 
  5. Aesthetic requirements for many small cell sites are restricted and undergrounding is prohibited.

For 23 years, Pestle has represented both municipalities and property owners, such as real estate companies and schools, on cell tower zoning leases and sales. He has helped clients sell nearly 100 cell tower leases, with the price per lease ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to well over $1 million.

For details on the program and a 50 percent discount, go to

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