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Varnum's Fight Against Racism and Call for Social Justice

July 22, 2020

Varnum is committed to supporting efforts across the nation in demanding changes to end racism and ensure social justice. In the wake of recent atrocities, Varnum demonstrated its support of this movement with meaningful contributions from our firm to Black communities. Today, in furtherance of our condemnation of racism, we announced $20,000 in donations among the following Michigan-based organizations focused on ending racism, eliminating racial disparities in health, education and access to capital, and ensuring social justice:

  • Grand Rapids Urban League
  • Focus: HOPE
  • Grand Rapids African American Health Institute
  • Durfee Elementary-Middle School 

Our advocacy for change neither starts nor ends with these contributions. Together with our community partners, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council and our pro bono legal efforts, we will maintain our long-term commitment and support of these important causes to end the injustice that has impacted all people of color far too long.

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