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Torrification Facility to Supply Carbon for Environmental Control

February 7, 2013
Energy Blog Post

A new $30 Million plant in Marquette will create proprietary renewable carbon products made from renewable materials. This is the largest advanced biocarbon production facility in North America. Biogenic Reagents will offer a carbon product line that will include activated carbon of the type used for air pollution control of mercury and water purification. Instead of deriving the carbon from coal the carbon will be derived from renewable biomass using pyrolysis technology. Trial testing indicates the product has better absorptivity, better performance, and lower cost than the current coal derived carbon. The wood feedstock for the operation will be sourced from suppliers that are certified as sustainable by third-party certification programs. The company is also exploring new carbon products and markets, including high-energy thermal carbon to replace coal and metallurgical carbon for use in the production of various metals. "To our knowledge, Biogenic Reagents is producing the lowest life-cycle environmental impact carbon products on the planet," said Jim Mennell, CEO of Biogenic Reagents.

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