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Ten Thousand Wind Turbine Component Repairs

February 14, 2013
Energy Blog Post

As wind farms in the U.S. age there will be more and more call for a third party to step in and provide O&M services. When a wind turbine is not operating, it is not making money for the owner. Quick, reliable repairs could be the difference between success and bankruptcy. PSI Repair Services Inc. of Livonia, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, specializes in "off-warranty" support of electronic, mechanical, and electrical components for wind turbines and other types of alternative energy equipment.

PSI upgrades products for out-of-warranty electronic, hydraulic and precisions mechanical components that drive wind turbine pitch and yaw systems. Since 2009, PSI has shipped over 10,000 wind turbine component repairs.  A sample of the type of repairs include printed circuit boards, logic control units, control cards, electronic speed control components, power inverters, thyristors, hub converters, pitch motors, hydraulic pumps, servo motors and transducers. It also provides comprehensive remanufacturing services for unsalvageable, obsolete components. This company appears to have found an important niche in the market.

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