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New Michigan Executive Order Sets Forth Rules for Handling Employee Absences From Work Due to Potential Risk of Infecting Others

April 3, 2020
Labor and Employment Advisory

UPDATE: Additional detail is available in our updated advisory, Governor Whitmer Signs Executive Order with Special Provisions for Workers

On April 3, 2020 Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued Executive Order No. 2020-36, "protecting workers who stay home, stay safe when they or their close contacts are sick," which sets forth requirements and restrictions for how employers must treat situations in which an employee is off work due to symptoms or other particular risk of infecting others with COVID-19. 

Our Michigan-based clients should take note of these new obligations that are immediately in effect, continuing until the end of the declared states of emergency and disaster. 

For further information or questions, please contact any member of Varnum's labor and employment team. Our team is analyzing this order closely and will provide further guidance in due course.

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