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New Leader for Clean Energy Business Group

February 11, 2013
Energy Blog Post

The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council launched in 2012 as a coalition of clean energy businesses and working to make a difference in Michigan's economy. The multifaceted goals of the organization include attracting capital, shaping policy, engaging the public and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.  Activities have included conducting an its inaugural forum and members' meeting in March 2012 at NextEnergy Center and an Energy 101 session in Lansing in January 2013. The president of the organization, Dan Scripps assumed his position on October. He is scheduled to provide comments at two of the Energy Forums to provide the clean energy jobs perspective to the discussion as the business voice of advanced energy In Michigan. A former state representative, he has worked as a Washington attorney on "green banking", as well as serving as vice president of capital innovation with Advanced Energy Economy, EIBC's national partner organization

Earlier this year, EIBC released a study showing Michigan's advanced energy manufacturing sector – solar, wind, advanced energy storage and batteries, and biomass – generates $5 billion a year in economic activity and supports 20,500 jobs. The 65+ member companies are engaged in creating opportunities and jobs for Michigan through manufacturing, information technology, advanced transportation, agriculture, design, construction, research and development, and next-generation materials as well as energy generation, smart grid, energy efficiency and storage. In short, the organization is seeking to be the rallying point for the clean energy industry.

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