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Net Metering Participation Increases

September 26, 2013
Energy Blog Post

The Michigan Public Service Commission issues an annual report on electric customers participating in the statewide net metering program required under the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act of 2008. [Under net metering, when a customer produces electric energy in excess of its needs, energy is provided back to the serving utility and the customer receives a credit.] In 2012 the size of the net metering program increased 55 percent to 9,583 kW. The number of net metering customers has gone from 53 in 2008 to 1,330 in 2012. While most of the recent increase was due to new solar installations, a 535 kW methane digester in Great Lakes Energy Cooperative’s service territory is Michigan’s first Category 3 (methane digester up to 550 kW) modified net metering project.

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