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Michigan Legislation Update: Horses, Taxes, Soil Erosion Permits

September 18, 2015
Agriculture Blog Post

Two new laws and a bill introduced in the House have gained support from Michigan Farm Bureau. Michigan Farm News reports that the Equine Liability Act (Public Act 87 of 2015) has been amended to protect equine activity sponsors or professionals from being liable for damages unless they commit "an act or omission that constitutes a willful and wonton disregard for the safety of the participant, and that is a proximate cause of the injury, death or damage." New legislation (PA 107 of 2015) amends the state tax law to include provisions concerning the exemption of state qualified forest property from school operating taxes. Finally, House Bill 4604 "would amend the Natural Resource Environmental Protection act to exempt certain agricultural-related activities from the requirement of a soil erosion and sedimentation control permit, so long as they do not discharge into a water of the state, or off the site. Activities include: construction, maintenance or removal of fence, the removal of tree or shrub stumps or roots, and the installation of drainage tile, irrigation, or electrical lines." (Michigan Farm News).

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