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Michigan Lawmakers Busy with a Variety of Issues

March 6, 2018
Agriculture Blog Post

The Michigan Legislature has been very active following Gov. Snyder’s final State of the State address. Some of the more recent highlights of interest, according to Michigan Farm News and Michigan Farm Bureau, include:

  • The Senate passed a three-bill package to increase transparency and accountability within the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The bills include creating an Environmental Science Advisory Board and an Environmental Rules Committee to provide a second opinion to the DEQ, as well as forming a permit appeal board.
  • House Bill 5373 would create an income tax credit for donation of edible agricultural products to hunger-relief charitable organizations.
  • Legislation has been introduced to create the Seed Potato Act, which would bring Michigan into compliance with the State National Harmonization Program for seed potatoes and control and prevent plant pests and diseases. The bill requires farms more than one acre in size to utilize certified seed only.
  • House Bill 5510 would provide additional clarification that ATV and ORV operators using vehicles for agricultural use are excluded from helmet requirements.

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