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Michigan K-12 Schools Closed to In-Person Instruction Following Executive Order 2020-35

April 3, 2020
Education Advisory

In-person instruction is over for the 2019-2020 school year, but public school districts and public school academies are required to provide alternative instruction to K-12 students beginning no later than April 28 under the directive of Executive Order 2020-35.  Each district and academy must prepare a compliant plan, addressing many issues, including content delivery, budgeting, free meal, method of notifying parents and mental health services. While many laws have been temporarily suspended and certain requirements waived, there are many issues that remain unclear, such as the effect of teacher evaluations. Additionally, parents and school officials await guidance from the Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights with respect to special education students. 

Varnum education attorneys are able to assist your district or academy in working through these and other issues created by these unprecedented circumstances.   

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