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Michigan Business Connect - We Are All in this Together

May 24, 2013
Energy Blog Post

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has stressed economic gardening as one way to grow Michigan’s economy. As part of this effort, the Pure Michigan Business Connect program has been established to help companies “find procurement resources to expand their supply chain, find new business opportunities, access a new business-to-business network and receive business assistance."No one can argue with the idea that Michigan companies working together with other Michigan companies will keep more financial resources in the state with a positive multiplier effect. Recently, I attended a morning-long gathering of Michigan companies involved in the solar supply chain - from racking to panels to inverters to battery storage. It was exhilarating to see the collaboration in the room. Michigan companies working together to help each other grow our energy economy, manage our energy security, and plan for the future. There is nothing wrong with state chauvinism. We need more of it!

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