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GAPPs Improve Michigan Food Processing

December 19, 2014
Agriculture Blog Post

The Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development recently adopted Generally Accepted Processing Practices ("GAPPs"), which serve to promote and grow a healthy food processing industry in Michigan. Functioning similarly to Generally Accepted Agricultural Practices ("GAAMPs"), GAPPs impose a voluntary framework that protects its adherents from nuisance claims under the Michigan Agricultural Processing Act.

In addition to adopting the GAPPs, the Commission also developed response guidelines for nuisance complaints related to agricultural processing. The Commission charged the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development with the responsibility of  receiving, reviewing, and scrutinizing such complaints to determine if the processor is in conformance with GAPP protocols (and therefore entitled to protection under the Michigan Agricultural Processing Act). Pursuant to the guidelines, all complaints must be investigated within 10 business days of their receipt.

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