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Exporting Pure Michigan: Time for Michigan’s Energy Supply Chain to Look Abroad

April 24, 2013
Energy Blog Post

Two years ago President Obama challenged the nation to increase its exports. American exports are up 34 percent since that time, with 70 percent of total exports being manufactured goods. “Made in America” still has a huge cache around the world. “Made in Michigan” can and should have significance overseas as well. Now is the time for Michigan’s alternative energy supply chain and manufacturers to look abroad for new markets, niche and otherwise. The demand for electricity is exploding in emerging markets of developing and less developed countries. The Kyoto Treaty and other international efforts are aimed at satisfying this demand with renewable resources rather than fossil fuels. With its technology, engineering, and lean manufacturing prowess, Michigan could be on the leading edge of this effort. The export market is wide open. Let’s go to work on exporting “Pure Michigan.”

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