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Energy Innovation with Nanoparticles

May 6, 2013
Energy Blog Post

Grid Logic Incorporated of Lapeer is developing a low-cost superconducting wire for electric utility application. Using a new manufacturing technique, it will embed very fine particles into metals to induce superconductivity. This will reduce the cost of transmission lines, motors, wind turbines, and other electric devices. At Michigan Technological University in Houghton research on growing manganese dioxide nanorods may lead to new high performance electric capacitors. By minimizing internal resistance, such material will store more energy, allow extraction of energy more quickly, and operate longer between recharging. University of Michigan labs in Ann Arbor have added silver nanoparticles to increase solar cell efficiency by 8 percent.The nanoparticles also allow for thinner silicon layers, which means lower costs (ten times less silicon used) and flexible substrates for solar panels.

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