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DOL Announces Re-proposal of Child Labor Parental Exemption

February 2, 2012
Agriculture Advisory

Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it will re-propose the "parental exemption" portion of its September 2011 proposed agricultural child labor regulations. Many Congressmen and agricultural industry representatives submitted comments advocating reconsideration of proposed rules which substantially restricted the parental exemption.   DOL recognized the "unique attributes of farm families and rural communities" and intends to publish the re-proposed parental exemption for public comment in early summer. Until the re-proposed parental exemption is published, comments are reviewed and rule is finalized, the current parental exemption remains in effect and will apply to situations in which the parent or person standing in the place of a parent is a part owner of the farm, a partner in a partnership or an officer of a corporation that owns the farm, if the ownership interest in the partnership or corporation is substantial. 

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