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“Chasing Ice” - Film’s Visual Representation of Climate Change Speeds Up the Message

January 7, 2013
Energy Blog Post

The movie "Chasing Ice" is one man's effort to come up with a visual representation of the current and immediate effects of climate change. In this movie now showing in Grand Rapids at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, National Geographic photographer James Balog set up multiple cameras to record the impact on a variety of glaciers.  Taking one photograph per hour from locations in Iceland, Greenland, Montana, and Alaska the net result is time lapse videos of glaciers receding. With the focus more on the process and set up than the final videos themselves, I found the movie a bit light on the intended message to the audiences. I was expecting more video and more science than I took away from the movie. It seemed like a 75 minute trailer for what is/was to follow. It appears that Mr. Balog has used the footage perhaps more effectively in a TED talk. While "Chasing Ice" was interesting, I think I wanted to be hit right between the eyes with visual evidence of what we are doing to our planet in our ever increasing demand for cheap energy. Fossil fuels cannot be the right answer.

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