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Biomass Opportunities Abound in Michigan

August 13, 2013
Energy Blog Post

Michigan State University has created a biomass inventory for the state that identifies biomass and land that can produce high energy value biomass. It estimates the net energy theoretically available from the biomass, and identifies constraints that limit the utility of biomass conversion technologies.One of the goals of the online tool is to bring farmers and investors together for projects with the greatest potential for success in creating renewable energy, profit, and jobs. See Biodigesters on Michigan dairy farms are producing nearly 17,000 MWh annually. Michigan dairies could produce 246,000 MWh of biodigester energy, which would put it into the top ten nationally. Michigan currently leads the Midwestern states in biomass utilization for thermal energy. As demonstrated by the inventory, there is potentially significant electric generation capacity obtainable from Michigan agriculture.

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