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Varnum Cable and Telecommunication Attorney Quoted In LA Times

January 14, 2013

Varnum cable and telecommunication attorney John Pestle was quoted in the Los Angeles times in a December article regarding wireless companies using church towers for cell sites. 

The Times article (Wireless Companies Look to Church Towers for Cell Sites) noted that there is anticipated explosion in the number of cell towers on the horizon. Pestle, who is a regular blogger on the topic of cell towers, notes that much of the increased demand is in residential areas and homeowners generally don't like having a cell tower in their neighborhood. "But churches often are in or near residential areas, so adding a cell antenna there is a good solution," Pestle said.  "It's even better if, as is often the case, the antenna can be concealed or camouflaged in the steeple or on the building or church grounds."

Pestle strongly encourages churches that are approached about a cell tower lease to consider legal consultation as leases are often strongly weighted in favor of the cell company and can cause significant problems for the property owner.

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