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Varnum Announces Expanded Ann Arbor Presence with New Office, Attorneys

October 12, 2016

The Varnum law firm continues to build its presence in Southeast Michigan by expanding its Ann Arbor footprint with a new office and additional attorneys. The announcement comes less than a year after the firm opened its downtown Detroit office.

Varnum Chairman Dave Khorey said the expansion in Ann Arbor is part of the firm's growth strategy as well as recognition of Ann Arbor's diverse and growing economy, including a flourishing technology community. In addition to working with a number of small businesses and startups, the firm has strong relationships with investor, municipal and higher education clients in the area.

"Our work in the Ann Arbor area has increased significantly in recent years," Khorey said. "A large part of that work involves our startup and emerging companies practice and the business investment sector. We believe Ann Arbor is one of the most exciting technology communities in the state if not the country, and it makes sense for Varnum to have a strong presence here."

As of October 1, the firm's offices will be at 300 N. 5th Avenue, also known as the Brauer Building. In addition to a suite of offices, conference and reception areas, the building offers further opportunity for growth.

Joining the firm are two partners with strong ties to the Ann Arbor area: Thomas W. Forster, a real estate and corporate attorney; and Christopher A. Ballard, who practices in the areas of estate planning and tax. Both have been working in Ann Arbor for many years, most recently as partners in Honigman's Ann Arbor office. Also joining the firm is Christine Phillips, formerly a staff attorney at Honigman.

"I'm very pleased to be on the forefront of Varnum's commitment to Ann Arbor," Forster said. "The Varnum culture is a good fit for this entrepreneurial community, and I look forward to bringing the firm's reputation for innovation and excellent legal counsel to a wider audience."

The expansion continues the firm's growth in Southeast Michigan. Fifteen attorneys have joined Varnum's three Southeast Michigan offices in the past 18 months, and the firm plans to continue to look for opportunities to hire exceptional attorneys and expand its client services in the region.

In addition to serving corporate clients and the burgeoning entrepreneurial community, Varnum's Southeast Michigan client base includes significant work in the financial industry (including banking and private equity, venture and seed capital clients), as well as health care and real estate-focused practices. Varnum's Southeast Michigan offices are also known for a highly-regarded tax practice, estate planning, and strong employment and litigation practices.

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