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Township Ordinances Struck Down In Response to Litigation Filed by Wind Farm Developer

September 9, 2013

Forest Hill Energy, represented by Varnum attorney Jon Bylsma, recently won a court order striking down parts of three Clinton County township ordinances meant to be more restrictive than the existing county zoning ordinances. The county zoning ordinance regulates commercial wind farms - Forest Hills Energy is proposing to build a wind farm with 39 commercial sized turbines.

Although the existing county zoning ordinance already existed, the three townships passed police power ordinances that were more restrictive for wind energy. The litigation filed by Forest Hill Energy asked that the judge strike these ordinances down. "You can't pass a zoning ordinance disguised as a police power ordinance," states Bylsma. "So we asked the judge to strike those things and he did."

Read the article in its entirety: GR lawyer wins in court for wind farm developer

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