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Pestle's Cell Tower Practice Profiled by Legal Journal

August 28, 2014

Varnum attorney John Pestle was recently profiled in the Grand Rapids Legal News. The article focused on his impressive national cell tower lease practice, as well as his successful transition to a telecommuting practice, which is unusual for a lawyer.

Article excerpt:

Pestle is one of a handful of attorneys specializing in this aspect of telecommunications. His skills and long experience mean that he is able to advise a broad range of landowners and companies across the country on how to get the best deal for leasing or selling their cell towers.

(An)  emphasis on municipal legal work stems from Pestle’s cellular focus as well as from other telecommunications matters that touch cities such as cable franchises and FCC proceedings.

In fact, two important recent Varnum projects include the sale of cell tower leases for an urban school district for almost $7 million, and an agreement for a large urban county to lease antenna sites to a management company resulting in shared revenue.

“These are very complicated cases,” Pestle says. “It’s an urban area, you’ve got older buildings, environmental and municipal laws to contend with, and a whole range of other issues. We always involve a local real estate attorney; we feel that’s absolutely necessary.”

His practice also includes assisting municipalities with zoning, as well as property owners with figuring out zoning constraints. “Everybody wants electricity, they want their solid waste taken care of, but nobody wants the plant or the transfer station near them. In the same way, people don’t want to see the cell towers,” Pestle explains. “So the zoning people are charged with squaring the circle.”

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