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MiSpringboard Gets Enthusiastic Welcome

June 10, 2011

The announcement of MiSpringboard®, Varnum's program to provide up to $1 million in free legal services to startup and growing businesses, received an enthusiastic welcome by the governor of the State of Michigan and continues to receive attention from state and national media sources. Varnum has received several congratulatory messages from clients, colleagues and others interested Michigan's economic recovery.

Gov. Rick Snyder was enthusiastic in his comments and endorsement of the program, which was launched in Lansing on June 8. Snyder said he knows from firsthand experience how important good legal advice is to new and growing businesses.

"How you structure your organization is fundamental and I can tell you when you do the list of people you need help (from), having the best legal counsel is one of the most critical steps you can have," Snyder said. "We've had a great firm – Varnum – step forward to say they would provide legal services to these young organizations and they've made a major commitment to doing that, a commitment on the scale of a million dollars over five years. I'm very excited because I think that can make a tremendous difference in a large number of companies having the opportunity to be creative."

Snyder acknowledged that starting a business is difficult and that the free legal services provided through MiSpringboard will help young businesses succeed.

"Starting a company, people don't realize how dramatically difficult it is," Snyder said. "So you have people that are truly making a commitment and in many cases, they hit bottlenecks on legal services, other services… it's one of the key things you need. So I am very excited, knowing this industry so well, that this (donation of legal services) is a big deal."

Varnum Managing Partner Larry Murphy outlined specifics of the program.

"The services will be provided to startup organizations that are selected and recommended to us from program partners," Murphy said. "Chief among those program partners is the MEDC and we are thrilled to partner with the MEDC in providing the legal component to for assistance to their organizations."

Other organizations are also in the process of referring clients to MiSpringboard. More information is available at

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