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Meet Varnum Partner Kevin Macaddino 

February 18, 2020

Newly-elected Varnum partner Kevin Macaddino focuses his practice on the area of commercial real estate with specialties in medical office buildings, apartments, industrial facilities and shopping centers. Prior to joining Varnum, Kevin formed and managed a boutique firm also specializing in commercial real estate. Learn more about Kevin and how his practice was influenced by early mentors in this Q&A profile.

What attracted you to become a lawyer?

I had considered teaching high school education so that I could coach track and cross-country, and hopefully have an impact on the students as my coaches had on me. However, while attending Michigan State University, I took a number of law classes from Zolten Ferency, a 6-time unsuccessful candidate for Michigan governor and as dynamic a professor as I had ever experienced. Classes were actually fun. The rest, as is said, is history!


How did you decide to focus on your practice?

My practice is focused on commercial real estate and business development. John Mogk, a Wayne State University professor, taught my first year real property law class. Professor Mogk was also a dynamic teacher. After law school I was fortunate to work for two outstanding attorneys, each of which was a self-make, successful, businessman. The first was Charles "Old Bear" Bayer, managing partner of Moll, Desenberg and Bayer, and the second was James A. Williams, managing partner of Williams Williams Ruby & Plunkett. These three men set the course for my practice. All three of these men were dynamic, fun and ethical.


What does client service mean to you?

Client service means providing a high quality work product promptly to the client. The lawyer should not be the reason for a transaction not to move forward.


What do you most enjoy about being a Varnum lawyer?

Being a Varnum lawyer allows me to offer a broader range of legal services to meet my clients' needs. I also enjoy the collegial environmental to discuss matters and cases with very bright people. The support staff is excellent and affords me the opportunity to focus on the practice of law.  


What is your proudest career achievement?

I am proud that most of my clients have become life-long friends. I hope that means they trust my judgment and respect my work.

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