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Energy Conference Considers Advantages of On-Site Power Generation

April 28, 2015

Varnum energy attorney Tim Lundgren will participate in a panel at the Michigan CHP Conference hosted by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council set for April 30 in Lansing.

The conference addresses the advantages for certain businesses and institutions of having their own, highly-efficient, combined heat and power (CHP) generation facility on site, in order to reduce the cost of energy purchased through a utility and to supply heat for operations. It is expected to draw representatives from manufacturing and CHP-related companies as well as policymakers and regulators.

"These generation facilities are particularly useful for operations that can use the heat as well as the electricity generated, such as hospitals, colleges and universities with residential heating needs, or businesses that use steam or heat in their operations," Lundgren noted.  “Under those circumstances, they can achieve efficiencies much greater than those of the utilities, which can aid them in meeting internal energy efficiency standards.”

Lundgren's presentation will consider:

  • Why CHPs may make even more financial sense now, due to impending rate increases resulting from proposed utility capital spending programs;
  • How current policy and regulation can facilitate or hinder implementation of CHPs and how best to navigate it;
  • What changes in policy would help lower barriers and save businesses money, since new laws are being proposed this year.

Lundgren is a partner in Varnum's Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources group. He represents clients before the Michigan Public Service Commission, including energy suppliers, marketers, manufacturers, agricultural processors, and public entities and institutions. He also works with trade associations, representing competitive power supply and business interests, and advises clients on developments in energy law and policy in Michigan.

The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council is a business trade association representing companies in Michigan’s growing advanced energy sector. Its mission is to grow Michigan’s advanced energy economy by fostering opportunities for innovation and business growth and offering a unified voice in creating a business-friendly environment for the advanced energy industry in Michigan.

For more information about the Michigan CHP Conference, visit

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