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Detroit EM Orr: Will His Efforts Revive Detroit?

March 21, 2013

The move to an Emergency Manager will increase the business community's efforts to revive Detroit, according to says tax and financial controversy attorney Eric Nemeth.

In an article published by Crain's Detroit Business,  Nemeth commented on the recent appointment of Kevyn Orr to the position of Emergency Manager of Detroit. Orr will begin by focusing on both quick fixes as well as more urgent financial matters. The first steps of this process require Orr to gather data and information and establish a priorities list.

Orr has said he welcomes private-sector help as he work's to fix the city's finances. Having an EM on board will increase the business community's efforts to help revive Detroit, says Nemeth. "The larger the business community, there's going to be people willing to jump in now because they feel there's room for progress."

Read the full article from Crain's Detroit Business

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