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Biotech Startup Benefits from MiSpringboard Program

December 11, 2018

“The way I define a startup is not just a new company; it’s somebody trying to do something nobody has done before and trying to solve a problem nobody has solved before.” By his own definition, Anthony Chang, founder and CEO of BAMF Health, certainly qualifies as a startup, and quite possibly a game changer in the world of health and medicine.

Among other things, his company is designing and building a cyclotyon radiopharmacy in Grand Rapids to enable a world-class radiotracer translational platform. The tracers will be used in noninvasive diagnostics for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cardiac disease, as well as advanced applications for PTSD and depression.

Varnum attorney Zach Meyer worked with Chang on a variety of legal issues, including business formation, operating agreements and contract review, and trademark and intellectual property matters.

“I’m really grateful that the lawyers at Varnum are willing to spend time with me, trying to understand this complicated project and are willing to help us lay a very solid foundation,” Chang said. “I feel very fortunate that I was introduced to the MiSpringboard program.”

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