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The Varnum team is much more than a partnership of lawyers. We face the challenges of our profession with the strong support of a dedicated, committed staff. Like any organization our size, we often consult with outside professionals on issues such as strategic planning, technology, and internal management. These consultants uniformly tell us that Varnum is unique among larger law firms in the quality, efficiency and tenure of our staff. Where other firms struggle with the challenges of employment turnover, Varnum has benefited from the commitment and dedication that our team orientation fosters.

We offer significant opportunity for continuing education of our staff. The 17th floor of the Grand Rapids office includes a multipurpose room that is regularly used for staff "Lunch 'n Learn" sessions led by outside experts or by other firm members. We also encourage our staff members to take advantage of seminar opportunities and other training.

Our commitment to the team approach runs deep. Where other companies preach the "team" as a corporate value, at Varnum we live it. Join us and see for yourself.

For more information contact Dawn Stephenson, Director of Human Resources.

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