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General Counsel

General counsel for Varnum LLP (GC) is the lawyer for the firm, serving as loss prevention partner, claims counsel and chair/co-chair of the Quality Control Committee, in addition to other defined responsibilities. The GC role is a full time position (2,100 hour expectation) and can be filled by a partner or counsel. While billing time for clients is not necessarily expected, it is not prohibited.

Summary of Responsibilities

With respect to the firm, the GC is primarily responsible for:

The GC will have other responsibilities as defined by the Policy Committee such as advising with respect to: 

Functional Hierarchy

The GC reports to the Policy Committee, with the firm's managing partner serving as the primary contact. Specifically, the GC is not part of management of the firm but is a lawyer to the firm. 


Particular Tasks

If interested in applying, please forward your cover letter and resume to Kim DeBoer at

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